Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Signing

Back in December each class in the second grade wrote a book. They drew names and each wrote about another student in their class. They made them into books and one night the school had a special book signing at Barnes & Noble. The kids were super excited. What a fun thing for them!

This is Gavin's class book. He was chosen to make the cover. Doesn't he have the neatest handwriting? I love each of his little friends he drew.

This is the page Gavin drew and wrote on. He wrote about a little girl named Elizabeth.

A little closer so maybe you can read what he wrote....

And this was written about Gavin by Hunter

Caleb's class book was super cute with each student drawing a picture of himself on the cover.

Caleb drew his friend Ricky and here is what he wrote... I love how positive he is!

And here is Colton's paragraph about Caleb. Just precious!

The kids had fun signing their books yearbook style.

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