Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boys' Haircuts & Eye Exam

Caleb & Gavin have not had haircuts since the beginning of the school year. It started driving me crazy not seeing their eyes and having to blow dry their hair all the time. Caleb started getting annoyed too by having it in his face all the time. He chose to truly get a haircut. Gavin, however, loves doing the hair bang whip thing and likes the longer look. You're probably thinking he didn't get his cut, but he did. More like a trim. I like it on him though. Caleb is more of a spiky guy and this cut just fits him.

Headed to school with the new look.

Before Christmas Gavin started telling me that he did not do well on his eye exam at school. He also said that he was having trouble seeing out of his left eye. I never heard anything from the school, so being the great mother that I am I just put it off. I figured if I didn't hear anything from the school that he was probably making it a bigger deal than it actually was. Well, I got a call from the new school nurse (there was a nurse switch around the end of last semester) & she let me know that Gavin had failed his eye exam. When she found the report she called him in and retested him. He did even worse this time! Wow! I feel like mother of the year! I made an appointment and just as Gavin predicted he cannot see out of his left eye alone. He is nearsided just like his momma and needs glasses. Here he is at the eye doctor. Next week he gets his glasses in. He is so very excited!

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