Monday, August 27, 2012

Boys 1st day of fifth grade

It's that time! We had a great summer, but our family does so much better with structure & schedules. Or maybe it's ME who does better! Back to school this morning. I'm a little sad that this is Caleb & Gavin's 1st day of their last year in elementary school. I am praying they have a wonderful year. Caleb with Mrs. Pippin - he actually let me take a picture with his teacher!!! This is huge for this super cool boy!
Gavin with Mrs. Henry - she is new to the boys' school & Gavin is a little anxious about who is going to be in his class.
Man, I love these two! I'm so proud to be their mom & beyond thankful for them!

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Dana said...

They are so handsome! Good luck to them in the new school year!

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