Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caleb the Heart Throb

Our conversation getting ready for school this morning:

Caleb: Momma, I think Halle is in love with me.

Me: Oh really, why do you think that?

Caleb: Well, she always wants to sit beside me and if someone else sits down first she gives me this look (here he showed me the look and threw his hands in the air.... you know the look that means "what are you doing? why didn't you save me a spot?")

Me: hmmm.....

Caleb, I know that if you were in my 1st grade class I would be in love with you too. I'm not saying Halle is, but there is so much to love about you!!!!

1 comment:

team hill said...

Oh my goodness,well he is such a handsome boy, any girl would only be so lucky:) Buckle your seatbelt,it's only just begun.....

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