Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekly Update

I love reading blogs! I just wish I were better at posting on mine :)

Our lives during the past couple of weeks:

* We had friends from Silsbee come stay with us during Ike. We LOVED having them here. They were so sweet to cook for us and do laundry. I invited them to move in. I could get use to that!!!

* Caleb lost 2 more teeth and get this.... He swallowed them both!!! On different days! One night he swallowed one while eating and a couple of days later he swallowed one in his sleep. He wrote the cutest little note to the toothfairy explaining and of course she understood!

* Gavin & Caleb both received Patriot Star of the Week at school during the first 3 weeks of school.... very proud of both of them!

* I have had my head stuck in books! I started the Twilight series and could NOT put it down. I'm so sad Bella & Edward (my friends from the books) are no longer in my life. So funny how they become so real. Now I'm looking forward to the movie!!!

* We still have football going on. I can tell my life is changing. The boys think about football all the time. Gavin makes up his own plays. They are constantly asking Scott if he wants to go run plays outside. Scott has even gotten so into it that he has become a coach. Wow! I've been to a million football games and never cared to understand. Now that my babies love it they are teaching me!


team hill said...

That is so Great. Sounds like you have been on the move.

Krystal said...

Oh my goodness April, I can't believe he swallowed both of them! Bless his heart!

You crack me up about your "friends" from the book. I sooooo am right there with you! I just look forward to having more time to read. Right now with a 1 yr old their is not a lot of down time!

Hopefully we will see you soon!

melissa said...

awww! I love how excited they are about football. I am not a sport person at all, but I will become one if my boys get into it! I am trying to keep them in indoor sports for now, I HATE the heat LOL! It will be hard if they send ethan home with any sign up sheets for soccer or football....

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