Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Both C & G knew exactly what they wanted to be this year. They loved getting dressed in their costumes, but when it came time to go Trick-or-Treating they got nervous. One of Caleb's little friends saw him in his costume & called him "fat" and that was the end. I tried to explain that he was someone different in his costume, but he didn't care. He is already self conscious. Funny thing is he is 6 years old and barely weighs 40 lbs! Anyway, it was a little sad for Scott & I that our boys are getting too old for this holiday they have always loved! Oh well, they had fun passing out candy to other kids!

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Michelle Cooney said...

They both look so cute in their costumes! My Gavin who is 1, was a pirate! He was sooo cute! And my stepson who is 8 was an army man! :) I think I still have a few years of trick or treating in them!Glad to hear you are feeling ok!

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