Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A little bit of randomness, but things I want to remember...

For Christmas my mom gave me a gift card to Storkvision. We ALL went before we left for Hawaii to do the 4d ultrasound. Well, Lyla did not want to cooperate. We saw her little lips kissing, pouting, opening, closing and even a little tongue licking. But that was pretty much all she would give us! So we rescheduled for tonight. She did a little better. She smiled a couple of times and even laughed (at least that is what it looked like to all of us). However, the pictures are still not good enough to show. She only showed us half her face with her chubby cheeks! I'm really glad we got see her, but I guess we will have to wait until she is born to see what she truly looks like.

When we left the sonogram, Caleb told me he could not wait to kiss her little lips! He is my little lover & snuggler. He loves and cares about everyone. He CANNOT wait to hold her, feed her, read to her, play with her and even change her diaper! Gavin, on the other hand is not so sure. He is excited, but change does not come easily to him. I know they will both be wonderful big brothers once she arrives.

Tonight while we were eating I was talking about my card class. Gavin started asking if they only make 1 card a month. I told him no they make 12 each month. So Scott, my math nerd (smile), asks Gavin "how many do they make in a year?" That's it! That's all he said. We waited a few minutes while Gavin was thinking. Then Scott asked him "what are you thinking? how are you figuring this out?" Gavin said, "well 10x10=100, plus 2 more 10s is 120." He then starts counting his fingers under the table and finally comes up with 144! HOW IN THE WORLD???? If I did not have 12x12 memorized I would have to figure it out on paper! Amazing that this 7 year old boy thinks this way!!!

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Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

Oh my gosh, He is a genius. That is so crazy....Sweet boys

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