Sunday, May 3, 2009

Latest Baby Bump pics

The comments have started. I'm considering hiding indoors until Lyla makes her debut. I never got these comments with my last pregnancy and I really was huge! Some of my favorite comments (from strangers):
1. I was asked by 2 older ladies how much longer I had. I told them I had 6 weeks left. One of the ladies told me I looked like I had about 6 minutes!
2. One lady (with a 5 month old) told me I looked miserable. Umm, Thanks! I wanted to tell her I did not FEEL miserable.

I AM big, but I have learned to ONLY compliment a pregnant lady :)


Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

Amen Sister,
I don't know why old ladies think they can just say anything. haha I think you look amazing. I looked like a weeble wobble :D

Kim said...

I totally understand about the comments. I look like I have a huge beach ball under my shirt. I don't look pregnant from behind. People think I am passed due. I guess the baby has to go somewhere....all 8 pounds of him!!!

Audra said...

April, I wish I looked like you when I was 34 wks pregnant. You look GREAT, and yes, your Belly is big because you have a BABY in it :) I love all the belly pics, super cute! The ones of you and the boys (headshots) you wouldn't even know you were pregnant, you are ALL belly!
Take care & I'll be praying for you for a healthy delivery.

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