Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for being the best dad! We love you!

Lyla & Daddy needed a nap this afternoon after driving around from 2:30 - 3:45 AM to stop Lyla from crying.


Angie said...

Awe, I remember those days... tell you the truth that is the only thing that would help Casey... we seen allot of square miles back then... just be careful, as Casey still falls asleep in a matter of minutes when he travels. :)

Good luck! and happy trails...

Jaimee said...

Girlie.. soak it up.. they grow way to fast. (like you don't already know) - This is all preciousness!! I remember driving Joshua around, and he will be 14 in Nov. Trey will be 15 - I dropped him off for camp this morning and just wanted to hug and kiss him and hear from him when he got to the camp.. but he is so OVER MOM!! It kills me!!! He is such a little man and I wish he was still in pee wee football!!! Not in 8th grade..

Lyla is a wonderful addition to your family.. and your guys are hear warming and equally as terrific!! What a blessing to see your family on here.

Much love and hugs

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