Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Days of School

I had to miss the last two days of school festivities because Lyla was less than a week old. I hated not being everywhere I wanted at once, but Scott did a great job of taking photos for me. We had lots of tears on the last day. Both boys were so sad the are not going to see their friends & each has a close friend that is moving away this summer.

Mrs. Sudduth giving Gavin his award...

Mrs. Green & Caleb...

Gavin's group of friends - Thomas, Caleb H., Gavin, Andrew & Matthew.

Caleb's group of friends - Enzo, Adam, Kenner & Caleb. They called themselves The Brotherhood because they were like brothers. So cute!

Mrs. Sudduth put this together along with Gavin's class. Isn't it sweet? This is what all the kids wrote about the new baby :)

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jenyphrc said...

that's AWESOME! I love "she stares" and "burps and toots" Kids are so funny!

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