Monday, June 29, 2009

Lyla's 1st Month

Well, our little Lyla is 1 month old today. We are having so much fun with her. I can tell time is really going to fly this time!

So far, she has...
visited the dr on day 3 weighing in at 6 lb 9 oz
visited the dr at 2 1/2 weeks weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz
started sleeping for 6 hours at night
slept through 2 movies at the theater
grew out of her size newborn footed pajamas ONLY - this girl is LONG!
relaxed during 1 concert
been diagnosed with colic - Did I mention she screams, cries & poops?
been to the chiropractor 4 times
And now she is finally RELAXING, SMILING & SLEEPING! Ahhh!!!!

I'm sure this will embarass her someday, but isn't that what parents are for? I'm not sure what is helping with the colic. I got off dairy, started eating healthier & have been taking Lyla to the chiropractor. I am not stopping any of these for fear she will start screaming again. I did try to get her one month picture yesterday and she wasn't happy about it. I think she is adorable no matter what...


Angie said...

Awe, the joys of Motherhood.... lol

Krystal said...

Oh April she is adorable!! I'm so sorry she has colic, BUT I am glad something you are doing is working!

Marlager said...

hang in there! All that crying will soon turn into singing, cheerleading, giggles, talking non-stop, girly screams, and contagious laughter. That's what little girls do best. She's just preparing her lungs ( and your ears) for all that fun stuff to come.

Jaimee said...

OH my word.. ha ha.. she is just the most precious thing!! You are such a great mommy to embrace even the unpleasant things with good humor..

Beaula said...

sometimes they don't have to do anything but just be and they're still somehow the cutest things to us, aren't they??? Love these pics...tears or no tears!!!

Audrey said...

Hi April,
Hope things are getting easier with Lyla. I know what colic is like all too well! I sent you a little something for her. Hope it still fits (I am so late!). We miss you guys and let me know if you need any colic tricks... I've tried them all!

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