Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lyla's 3rd Month

I cannot believe Lyla is 3 months old already. She is growing up super fast and I want it to slow down!!!

During her 3rd month she has:
started sleeping through most of the night (her longest - 10 PM-7:30 AM);
went to church (& passed some VERY loud gas during the prayer!);
had her first airplane ride;
vacationed in Salt Lake City, UT for Stampin Up convention;
started sleeping in her crib;
started cutting her first tooth;
had some professional photos taken;
laughed for the first time (at her brothers);
started rolling onto her side (& crying because her arm is in her way)

1 comment:

Jaimee said...

She is growing and changing so much! She is so beautiful and BOY she looks like her sweet brothers!! ha ha.. What a happy baby - good pictures, MOM!

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