Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lyla's 5th Month

WOW! Our sweet Lyla is 5 months. Time, please slow down!!!

This month Lyla has
* started rolling from her back to her tummy
* started trying to hold her bottle
* started TRYING to eat cereal (not really good at it yet)
* started sitting in her exersaucer and loves it!
* stayed with someone other than family (thanks Mrs. Megan!)
* started grabbing at everything around her
* become the sweetest happiest baby. She loves people and smiles at everyone.



Krystal said...

Oh April she is soooo stinkin cute! They grow up too fast don't they? She looks soooo much like her mama!!

Jennifer said...

What a sweetie! She's adorable!

Beaula said...

omigosh, she's soooooo sweet! Gotta love those gummy smiles!!!!

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