Monday, December 7, 2009

Lyla - 6 months

Another month has flown by...

At 6 months Lyla is
eating baby food,
sleeping on her tummy,
sleeping through the night,
rolling everywhere,
grabbing at everything in her reach,
eating every 4 hours,
no longer nursing (Mom is sad),
13 lbs, 10 oz,
says da da da da constantly,
smiles at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. She is the happiest baby ever!

We love you so much LYLA!!!!


Leslie said...

She is PRECIOUS!!! I can tell she is so happy!!:) Blessings to you!

Christa said...

She is SO incredibly sweet! What a blessing!

Krystal said...

Oh April she is just precious!!! Absolutely adorable!!!!!

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