Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Eve - Finally!

On Christmas Eve we went to the candle light service at church and then my parents came over for dinner. I had my BIG surprise waiting once we got home. WINDOW TREATMENTS in my kitchen and living area! Scott surprised me and I LOVE them!!! What an awesome gift from the most amazing man! Love you Scott!

After eating the kids opened up one gift... always pajamas :)

We then set out cookies and milk for Santa,

sprinkled the lawn with reindeer food,

and hung Santa's special key on the backdoor so that he would not burn his bum coming in through the fireplace :)


Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Precious pictures!!
I sent you an email. I didn't know if you would open it or not since I don't know you very well. If you have a chance, let me know if you got it!

Jennifer said...

I love the key idea!

Melanie Brazzell and Family said...
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Melanie Brazzell and Family said...

The PJ and key idea is so cute! You are too creative! lol I may have to steal your idea for next year!

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