Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stampin Up Cruise 2010 - Day 1

This year Stampin' Up sent us on a cruise to the Southern Carribean and we chose to take the kids. I could not stand the thought of leaving Lyla for a week, so all 3 kids came with us. Usually our cruises are the most relaxing vacations ever. Not this one! :) We loved every minute of it and made some great memories.

We flew to Puerto Rico a day early and had a little time to look around. Caleb & Gavin were dying to go to the beach. This is a public beach near our hotel in Puerto Rico just before going to get on the ship.

Once we were on the boat, we went exploring. This was a car near the kid's area. C & G have been on 2 cruises before, so they knew what to expect. They had just never been on a ship THIS big.

The boys LOVED their room. At home we cannot get them to stay in their beds all night EVER. However, in their little cabin they stayed in their room ALL night until we woke them in the mornings... usually about 9:30. They want to live on the ship and I'm thinking it sounds pretty good for this reason alone. :)

Can you tell Lyla got off schedule? Poor thing had to just sleep whenever and wherever. So cute!

Gavin lost his 2nd front tooth. He had been hanging on to that thing. It literally just fell out. That's how loose it was. Gives me chills thinking about it. Ugh! I'm not a fan of wiggly teeth.


Jennifer said...

Was it just a regular incentive-style cruise, or was it an actual scrapbooking cruise? "Cause that sounds WAY better than my measley one night convention in North Carolina.

Melissa said...

I don't like wiggly teeth either!!!! I love that you took your whole family!

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