Monday, July 19, 2010


If you know Lyla you know that she LOVES to scream. She screams in delight A LOT!!! In public I'm a little shy and she is sort of embarrassing. :) I was chatting with 2 friends today about what to do when she screams. It can be a problem while we are out to eat. I'm sure the older couple sitting behind us tonight did not think she was very cute as she squealed every few minutes. The church nursery workers commented about it yesterday that Lyla sure did like to hear her voice.

I have tried
* saying "shh"
* telling her "no no" in my mean mommy voice
* putting my hand over her mouth
* putting my finger in her mouth (she bit me HARD!)
* screaming back at her (she loved this and it just made her belly laugh)

Soooo, my question to you, what should I do? Any other moms out there have HAPPY screaming babies???


Krystal said...

oh april...alli loved to hear herself also :) we were eating out when she was like 5 months old with friends who DID NOT have children. i remember brandon saying, wow she sure is loud! ha! honestly i have no advice. i think i would continue to shhh's her and quietly say no no. but she'll out grow it. alli did!

Kim said...

When you find out, let me know. I have two of them who like to be loud and one throws his food on the ground all of the time. We always feel as though everyone is starring at us.

Anonymous said...

Invest in ear plugs...... sorry to say that my girls have NOT out grown it! It has turned into more singing, chants, cheers, ect. Ronnie often wishes someone would invent a partition for the car to separate us from the girls!!! I think babies are cute that scream, but that's just me! :)

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