Thursday, December 30, 2010

Around our home

This year Caleb & Gavin had lego advent calendars. They jumped out of bed each morning to see what little figure or scene they got to put together. I seriously think we need one of these for every day of the year. It sure would help getting them out of bed each school morning.

Here is Gavin's - the Kingdom
and Caleb's - the City

I love having our home decorated for Christmas! Our tree that started out as a Noah's Ark tree 12 years ago when Scott and I got married. We have added MANY animals through the years to this wild tree.

I love my chandelier in my kitchen. You've seen it in other posts. My favorite thing to add to it is Christmas cards. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE gettting Christmas cards. I actually make an album each year with each card and picture.

Criddle came back to visit around the 10th of December. One of the boys' favorite thing is to find this little guy each morning.


Dana said...

I want to see examples of your Christmas card albums!! I'd love to see how you do it, and maybe start doing the same!

Jennifer said...

I love the cards on the light! We have an elf too.. ours is named Peppermint and although he was fun entertainment, he didn't seem to ward off bad behavior on the little one's part.

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