Friday, January 28, 2011


I don't ever remember being SO tired with any of my pregnancies. I seriously think I could just stay in bed and sleep the day AND night away. Everyday I try to take a nap and I go to bed with my kids now around 8:30 or 9:00. I am also starving. I'm sure I've gained a ton of weight. Things that I am craving are cookies, cupcakes, cakes, yogurt and fruit. I'm not very fond of meat, but can tolerate it. I also think I could eat mexican food for every meal. We are trying to decide if we are going to find out what this baby is. I'm not sure I can wait 9 months! :-) I would love to hear what you did or ideas on how to make it fun!


Jennifer said...

My symptoms were the same, but more pronounced with each pregnancy. I'm nosy, I wanted to know with both of mine, but our insurance did not pay for an ultrasound with Noah unless it was a problem pregnancy. So, I didn't get to find out with him. With Zoe, her head was measuring small and I got countless ultrasounds, but she never would let the tech see. I got so frustrated because I knew she would be my last and I did not want another neutral nursery. So, we paid the $200 for the 3D ultrasound because they guaranteed to find out the sex and it was worth it. We were able to take Noah with us so he could see her as well and we got a lot of pictures and a video.

Melissa said...

We were surprised with one of ours and it was so fun telling everyone we didn't know the sex. It's not very common to do anymore, and it was a fun experience, but I think I like knowing more. You could have the dr write the sex down on an envelope and open it together as a family. Either way is so fun!

Melissa said...

oh and since this was a "surprise" pregnancy, it would be fun to be surprised :D

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