Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Trip to Breckenridge, CO

We left bright and early Christmas morning with the Daugherty's, Kelsey (our wonderful babysitter), and her friend Amanda. We drove all day and stopped along the way in Amarillo at the Big Texan. We ate and almost talked Dwaine into eating the 72 oz. steak. He was smart enough to say no. We did get to watch a guy try, but he did terrible.

Paisley & Lyla... they sure do love each other!
Our crazy kids. Check out the glasses my by boys found here. Are they cool or what? :-)

Sweet girl saying "cheese." She NEVER looks at the camera and smiles. This was a miracle picture!
Day 2, we arrived!!!! The kids knew exactly what to do. They were so excited to play and throw snowballs at each other.

We hurriedly got our ski boots, skis and poles so we would be ready to go the next day.

The end of ski school for the kids. They did so good!
Caleb skiing!
And Gavin! They were being so cool!
A little boy called me an alien lady and looking back at these pictures I can see why! Check out my bug eyes :-)
Can you tell how cold it was. This is my husband who told me he wasn't going to wear his jacket when he wasn't skiing. I will have you know he bundled up as much as possible and wore his jacket everywhere!

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