Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby #4 is a _____________

I couldn't wait.

I had to know.

I called Sonocare on Thursday before lunch and the lady said to come now and she could get me in. I found out and had to keep it a secret until Scott came in from working out of town. So, on Friday night I gave him a little note from baby #4 and a frame with a sonogram picture. We decided we wanted to rush our reveal party, so we had it tonight with a couple of great friends.

Caleb & Gavin wanted to have everyone vote on what they thought we were having. They also wanted everyone to list their favorite ideas for names.

Everyone wore pink or blue (their guess of the baby's sex)



Caleb & Gavin biting into their cupcakes.

Scott & I. I love him!!!

As you can see we are having a GIRL!!! Yea!!! We are so excited! Now to find a name!


Jessi -in love with her family of four said...

Yayyyyyy. I cant wait to see that sweet baby girl. Woohooo 2 of each;)!!!!! Blessed.

Dana said...

I knew it!!!! How fabulous!!!! Congratulations!!!
I still think about you guy's miracle pregnancy everyday!! God is so wonderful!! Congrats again!!

Leslie said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I think you should name her Matilda Jane...haha!!! Yay, this makes me so happy!!!:)

Christie Daugherty said...

our family was honored to be a part of this fun night! So excited for another girl!

Scott likes Violet....
Lyla loves the name Poppy (puppy)
Caleb loves Stephanie
What did Gavin like?

Jennifer said...

I actually love the name Matilda! I also like Ruth (Ruthie). Congratulations! I love the idea of the reveal being in the cupcakes! ( I also love that the guy in the yellow shirt was on both team blue AND pink! )

Ashley said...

Yay! Congrats!! So exciting!!! :)

tera said...

congrats!! more cute outfits from matilda jane to come!

4 SAVAGE'S said...

i am Krystal Holt's sister in law. i hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog. i just love it. i just was wondering if Trey thought you were having one of each???? congratulations!!!!

Kelly said...

CONGRATS TO YOU AND SCOTT!! It is amazing to see yalls family now ... and remember back to the very begining when Scott would come over in his brown blazer...I am so happy for yall...! You could name her Kelly if you want to!! hehehehhe...
love yall

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