Monday, March 28, 2011

My first quilt

I DID IT! I FINALLY finished my first quilt.
I actually started making it on Memorial day last year. In just under a year I'm done! Ha! It really DID NOT take me that long at all. I worked on it the one day in May and then life went on, I put it up and got busy with other projects. this week I got it out and sewed the border on, washed it and I'm loving it!!!!

It was super easy to make. I used the Stampin' Up bigshot to cut out all of my blocks and designs. I love how it turned out. What do you think?


Karen said...

It looks great, April! I've been "collecting" fabric for a black, white, and red one for myself, but I haven't started it yet. My family was very complimentary about my first one that I did in Christie's class, so I would like to make some more. You will have to get busy making one for your new baby girl!

Krystal said...

GIrl I LOVE it! I think you did a fabulous job! Very pretty!

Kelly said...

April !!!

I am so proud of you ... it looks AMAZZZZING!!!! I haven't made one in so long.. maybe this summer i will get one done... of all i have made, i have never made one for me!! excellent job!!

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