Friday, April 22, 2011

My clean pantry

I am in a total nesting mood right now and I am on a mission to clean out every single room, closet, cabinet and drawer in our house. I have done pretty well so far. If you saw our garage and trash you would know how much we are purging. The other day I decided to clean out our pantry.

This is the before picture. It wasn't just terrible, but I wanted it to look a little prettier. Plus, I'm sure there were things outdated and it was time to throw some things away.

Here it is all over my kitchen. This was an all day project for me.

The after... Not perfect, but let's face it. I have kids who are going to put things in the wrong spots so I've got to make it easy for them to find what they want and keep it neat. I'm pretty proud of it and love looking in at it. I would like to label the jars eventually.

I also organized the little hide-a-way cabinet that holds our spices, blender and toaster. So much better!!!

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