Sunday, May 8, 2011


We woke up Sunday morning to some goodies from the Easter bunny

We then made Resurrection rolls for breakfast. It was a fun time talking about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter sunday.

However, while our rolls were baking I was killing the bunny. The night before I put the bunny cake in the oven because I did not have a big enough pan to put it in. I was planning on taking it out, but I preheated the oven and while we were preparing "Jesus" for the "tomb" our bunny was baking. Caleb and Gavin were pretty sad, but we just had to laugh.

Grandaddy went to church with us and then came over for lunch.

We had an egg hunt and Lyla loved opening up every single egg before she placed it in her basket.

Our family. I can't believe we will be have another sweet baby next Easter!

Trying to get all 3 kids to pose. Not so easy!

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