Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lyla at 2 years old

So Lyla is now TWO years old! I cannot believe it. These 2 years have flown by! We have so much fun watching her and just loving her!!! She is so very different from our boys and truly a joy!!!

We had a Fiesta Birthday party at our house. We invited our families and had a great time eating tacos & cake outside.

Two silly brothers who love their little sister more than I could have ever imagined. They may fight with each other and they may not be the sweetest to everyone, but with Lyla they are totally different. They would do anything for her!

Lyla's cousins on my side...

Poor Diego! ok, so the Fiesta was inspired by Lyla's obsession with Dora. Scott & boys picked out the pinata. He was the size of about a 5 year old boy. Before the party started it was really strange seeing him hanging in the trees. Lyla was not too sure about hitting him, but she finally realized he had candy inside and got into the action.

Lyla really got it with the whole present thing. She loved opening everything and I think we now own just about every Dora thing out there :-)

Happy Birthday Baby! We love you!!!

At 2, Lyla you can...

* count to 14 in English & 10 in Spanish (gotta love Dora!)
* sing ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, Patty Cake, Rock-a-bye Baby & loves to be sung to
* not sit still. one of your parents day out teachers said she checks your pants constantly for ants :-)
* you go to Parents Day Out on Tuesday & Thursdays
* you think you are as old as your brothers and want to do everything they do
* Say ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. You are the easiest person ever to comunicate with. You can tell me if you are hurt, what hurts, how it happened. We all understand you and you talk A LOT. You like to say "bless you", "Where's my ipad?", "Can I have my ipad please", "what?", "hey," "Its all better now", "I had a good nap", "I love you", "I sorry, Mamma", "Caleb, come here!" "It's cute," "so pretty."
* work ipad and iphone
* Likes to watch Macarobi (Max & Ruby), Elmo, and Dora
* name your animals and babies and calls them by name
* dances and then poses and says "superstar"
* loves to eat fruit, jello, macarobi (macaroni), ketchup, chocolate anything
* still drinks from bottle, whole milk
* weighs just under 25 pounds, measures 34 inches, wears 12m-2T (according to what it is), wears size 3 diapers and size 6 shoes
* love getting your hair fixed, taking a bath and putting on momma's makeup
* sleeps with a baby in each arm, on your tummy, with your tush in the air
* likes to "rock it" (be rocked) before she goes to bed
* loves to be read to
* usually takes an afternoon nap, but is ok without it

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Audrey said...

Happy Birthday!! Love her party. We miss you guys :)

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