Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking Haddie home

We were released Wednesday almost exactly 24 hours after having Haddie. They wanted to check her blood sugar for every 3 hours for 24 hours so we had to make sure that was all ok.

Dr. Harris and baby Haddie. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful doctor.

Haddie going home. We had a little excitement on the way out of the hospital. Scott went to get the car and a nurse was getting me in a wheelchair ready to wheel down to the car. Once we made it to the elevator all of the alarms started going off and the elevator quit working. There was evidently a child alarm going off and everyone was looking at me! They finally realized it was on the pediatric floor and located the child. We went on down and every single person in the hospital stared at me with the baby in my arms and asked if I was the one. Lots of questions about the baby being mine and all. Drama! Eventually they opened the doors and let us out to get in the car.

Our kids were so excited to see their little sister. Lyla loves holding Haddie.

Gavin and Haddie

Caleb & Haddie


Jennifer said...

How cute they all are together! I don't know HOW you get Lyla to keep those bows in her hair! Zoe will not keep bows/barrettes/headbands in. She likes the wild woman look which drives me nuts!

Beaula said...

Very sweet family photos!! Haddie is one sweet bundle of plumpness!!! ADORABLE! Dr. Harris is a great doc...she was on-call for my doc when I delivered. She performed my c-section. Glad to hear Haddie is well and at home where she belongs!!! Best wishes!!

rseme said...

OH my word I bet that was exciting! :) Glad all the siblings love her.

Ashley said...

Congrats! She is precious!! Dr. Harris is my doctor too. I love her!

Ashley said...
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