Friday, January 27, 2012

Lyla's 1st Haircut

Lyla was in desperate need of a real haircut.
I have been trimming her hair for about a year, but let's face it. I'm no professional. I'm not even ok at it.
Lyla's hair looked really bad when it was down, so every single day we had to do pigtails and ponytails or whatever updo we could come up with.
I still love her hair up and out of her face, but I am enjoying being able to leave it down if we want.

I was unable to get any pics of the actual haircut because I took Haddie and Lyla alone. Lyla sat in my lap as I held her down and distracted her :-)
Sweet Girl!!!

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Jennifer said...

Aww.. how cute! I wish Zoe would let me cut her hair. She has some weird goal of "hair that touches my butt" and so I am forever combing whatever food, paste, paint or WHATEVER out of her hair. She doesn't like to wear it up either.

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