Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Haddie - 6 months

Half of our baby's first year is already over! Wow! I cannot believe she is growing so fast. She is still very laid back. She goes to Mother's Day Out twice a week now. She is still sleeping in our room and has not started any food yet. Haddie loves her brothers and sister, her exersaucer, swing, being held and ANYONE who will talk to her. She is our little sweetie. She likes to say "Lylylyly" & "dada." Of course she has no clue what she is saying, but Lyla & Scott will disagree. Lyla calls her "little Bella." We have no idea where this comes from, but no one else is her "bella." Only Haddie!


Meg said...

She is precious, April!

meawhitbrown said...

Oh my goodness! Haddie Jane-you are too cute!! :)

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