Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Haddie Jane!

I can't believe this sweet girl is ONE year old!
She turned one on Thursday and we celebrated yesterday with a very COLORFUL birthday party.
She is doing so many fun things right now and just last night after her party she started WALKING!  We knew she was close, but last night she finally just did it.  My sister, Amanda and her two kids were here too.  We all had so much fun having her walk to each one of us and all of us cheering for her every single time.  So cute!
I had fun decorating with rainbow colors.  I wish I would have taken some better pictures.  I actually made her cake and a lot of the decorations.
She WAS NOT into getting dirty with the cake.  I just knew she was going to dig in, but no.  She got a little on her hand and wanted us to get it off.  she just took a couple of bites like this.  The cake was at the perfect level to just bite :-)
Some of Haddie's cousins got to party with us.  
* walking
* signing "all done"
* drinking whole milk
* still taking 2 naps a day
* loves to play with balls
* says "da da," "bubba," "ball," "night night," "thank you," "lyla," "bye-bye," "mmm"
* she loves to dance and then clap for herself
* she likes to eat fruit and beans best
* she wears 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers & size 4 shoes
* she has to have her little blanket to go to sleep with
* weighs 22 pounds, 4 ounces and is 30 inches tall

Haddie, we all love you so much and are so thankful to have been chosen to be your parents.  What an amazing year this has been with you in it!

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Marlager said...

OH APRIL! She is so beautiful! I can't believe she's already ONE!

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