Saturday, May 25, 2013

Field Day

Well, it's been five whole months since my last blog post. Tons has happened & our lives are totally crazy & chaotic. My new way of blogging is Instagram. I can post a pic & a memory in about 5 seconds. Still, I want to keep my blog going. I'm just going to try to do it by phone now because ain't nobody got time to sit on a computer. I've got a little one dragging every article of clothing from her closet & another decorating my chairs with her crayons.

Caleb & Gavin are about to finish 5th grade & leave the school they've called home for the past 6 years. We are all a little sad about this change, but excited too about what the future holds at their new middle school.

Caleb's team had fun doing the 3-legged race & his yellow team actually won for 5th grade!

Gavin took every game seriously & would get upset when the kids wouldn't do it right. Man, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I was guilty of erasing every single signature in my 1st grade yearbook & then rewriting each name so that it was neat... In my own handwriting.

I love the confident little man that Gavin is. He gets this from his daddy. For some reason he loves these blue glasses & wears them every chance he gets. His team was the blue team... Perfect opportunity!

& my sweet Caleb who is too cool for most things. He had lots of fun with his friends this day!

I am so proud of these two and love the little guys they are turning into!

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