Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Lyla!

I'm having so much trouble with my blog lately.  I'm not sure why this has moved to today.  Lyla was 4 back in May!  UGH!!!  I don't want to delete though....

Today our Lyla Grace is 4 years old!!! She is so excited to be celebrating her birthday, but she is also sad she is no longer 3. She has been telling us for months now that she doesn't want to turn 4. Crazy, right? Well, her reason is because when she is 4 she will no longer fit in her princess dresses! Priorities people!!! Her daddy has assured her though that he will buy her new dresses when she grows out of these.
She certainly keeps us all in line, entertains us with her many outfits, every single dramatic thing that comes out if her mouth.
Lyla at a couple of days old

First birthday

Second birthday

Third birthday

And today, on her 4th birthday...

Happy birthday to our sweet princess. You are the sassiest, most loving girl we know! Thank you for being you! We love you!!!

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