Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Confessions for today:

(1) I actually enjoyed myself at Jazzercise today. Working out is NOT my favorite thing to do and a lot of times I get dressed to go and never leave my house. I have to admit once I am there I have lots of fun dancing.

(2) I did not get my shower until about 2:00.... wait that happens everyday AND I never did get make-up on today.

(3) Gavin brought home some kind of fuzzy worm from school (it was his night to keep the class pet or something). I hate bugs, so I must confess that I put it up so that he would forget about it and I would not have worry about it getting loose in our house OR being squished by 2 six year old boys.

(4) I STILL have not mailed out a couple of packages that have been sitting around for weeks. Why do I have such a problem with looking up an address and sticking the stamps on?

(5) I still have the same clothes in my dryer from this morning. Every time I pass by the laundry room I hit "touch up" and forget about them. I think they have been touched up about 4 times today.....

Maybe I will get something done tomorrow between going on another kindergarten field trip and celebrating my Dad's birthday with the family tomorrow night....... unlikely, but a girl can hope......


Krystal said...

I am so happy I am not the only one that didn't put makeup on today, didn't get a shower until 2:00 and still has clothes in the dryer! So nice to know I am not alone!

melissa said...

and we need to close my party!

Kthed said...

oh man... number 5... I'm guilty of doing that ALL the time... who wants to fold clothes anyway?? :)

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