Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Noah

Sunday we celebrated Noah's 7th birthday which was actually in March .... over 1 month ago. His parents are always like this, either their kids parties are late or it just never happens. Noah is lucky he got this party. I'm not sure we ever celebrated his 1st :) Ashlee, I love you if you are reading this. I found out about Noah's party on Saturday (the day before the big event). Then I forgot to tell Scott. I had a stamp class and my mom called to ask where we were. Anyway, we all showed up late so our kids were upset they did not get to skate for the 2 hours planned. It was all ok with us.... they could barely stand up on their own. Below is the birthday boy, Gavin with Sage, and Caleb with my Dad and Scott.

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team hill said...

Grayson has never been to the skating rink. I feel like such a bad mom now ... Your boys are just toooo handsome.

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