Friday, May 9, 2008

Muffins for Mom

This morning the boys' school had Muffins for Mom in honor of Mother's Day...... ha! Actually it was the perfect plan to get all the moms in to buy books at the book fair. What a way to start the morning, standing in line with 75 other moms and kids looking at the 10 books they had each picked out... you know the books with the toys included. A six year old does not care what the book is about! It was a crazy morning trying to eat a muffin with C & G while they were wanting to run around the courtyard with their friends. This is an attempt to get a photo of the morning. I asked a kindergartener to take the photo....
Gavin wanted his turn snap a pic of Caleb and I......
Now Caleb's turn to get Gavin and me.... Yes, Gavin is wearing pajamas and a robe. His class earned a pajama day.
And finally the kids just doing what they wanted to do..... The little friend is Colton. Today is his birthday, so he was very excited. Caleb is the photographer.

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team hill said...

I love your hair. These are great.

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