Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Week of LOVE ;)

This week we got see our newest little love in another ultrasound. She is growing perfectly. We are so thankful! She weighs in at 1 pound 6 ounces. We won't mention my weight.... let's just say it is WAY over 1.6!!! Here is an updated picture of the baby belly you all keep asking me for....

Caleb & Gavin had their Valentine party at school on Friday. They chose friends to take pictures with. Here are a few....

Gavin with his Valentines

Thomas & Gavin

Hannah, Caleb & Tori

Enzo, Kenner & Caleb

Gavin & Riley

Caleb showing off his Valentine box

On Valentines Day Scott and I went with some friends to try out the Asian Grill in Gresham. It was really good! Then, we decided to be adventurous & go try out the BINGO HALL! None of us won, but it was an experience!

Me & my Valentine :)

Trey & Tiffany

Christie & Dwaine


Krystal said...

April, I secretly would LOVE to go play Bingo! On one of our cruises J & I played and I could tell it was something I could easily get addicted too!

You look great April and I love the name you guys have picked out!

Have a great week!

momma2garrett said...

OH MY!! you look absolutely adorable! I wish I had a cute little belly like that. Instead, I just look like a Only have 8 weeks left. :) When are you having the 4D done?

Beaula said...

You look more beautiful than ever!!

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