Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This makes Gavin so HAPPY

Gavin LOVES pencils. He also LOVES sharpening pencils. He really LOVES taking new pencils to school. He wants to give pencils to his friends for every holiday. He comes home & tells me about other kids' pencils. He gets this craziness for pencils from me. I still LOVE school supplies.... notebooks, spirals, pens, new colors, etc.


Jessica said...

CUTE! He is always so serious. LOL Tell the boys that Madison and Tristan said "Hi" and "Come see us".


Christie Daugherty said...

Does he need more pencils....I'm decluttering you know!!!! LOL!~

Kthed said...

Rylan loves to sharpen pencils too!!! Oh man... when I got the electric pencil sharpener to replace the manual one... oh, it was on!!! I still hear him in there sharpening often!!! HA!!

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