Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Valentine Gifts

Yesterday & today Caleb & Gavin's classes went "shopping" at school and were able to pick out gifts for family members. They were very excited about what they had picked out and loved giving it.

Caleb gave Gavin a McDonald toy, markers and color sheets. He gave his Daddy a fisbee they could play with together and he gave me a Yahooz t-shirt.

Gavin gave Caleb a parachute man. He gave his Daddy & me a goody bag with a pencil, chocolate & a pencil sharpener. He got us his favorite thing :) Have I ever mentioned how much Gavin LOVES pencils and pencil sharpeners. I need to post those photos I took.....


Lori said...

What sweet, sweet boys!

Jessica said...

Oh my...I really miss the four of you! Well, WE do but, you know what I mean. Your hair looks good. You cut it shorter again. :-)Are you going to post your weekly preggy pics? I am so excited to see them. (I know you are taking them) Ha! We will talk soon.
-Love and Miss you all tons!

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