Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from KISS!

Well, last year my boys were embarassed to dress up and this year it was looking like they were not going to do Halloween. I was so sad. The one thing C & G wanted to be was KISS. They love the Dr. Pepper Cherry commercials with KISS on them & wanted to dress like that, but I was afraid they would not actually go through with it on the 31st. So, what better reason for Scott & I to join in the fun! We had the best Halloween ever! It was so much fun! No one knew it was actually us in the costumes. Even my dad had no idea who we were when we knocked on his door! So fun! We are already planning what to do next year!

The Band Members getting ready...

Caleb as Paul Stanley (The Starchild)

Gavin as Gene Simmons

Scott as Ace Frehley (The Space Man)

April as Peter Criss (The Cat)

ROCK ON!!! Notice the black nail polish :)

Our KISS of flavor & the only reason our boys even know who KISS is!

So glad Lyla was not scared of us! She was the perfect Dr Pepper!


Jennifer said...

These costumes ROCK! Great job on the makeup and Lyla is absolutely adorable!

Marlager said...

OMG! KISS..... That's awesome! Happy late b-day by the way- I didn't know our bday's were a day apart......or maybe I did? That baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! I know you are eating every minute up!!

Beaula said...

what a very cool family!!!!!

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