Monday, September 13, 2010

Lyla at 15 months

Lyla has grown so much! At her 15 month well check she weighed 19 1/2 pounds and was 31 inches long. She is doing so many new things that it is really hard to keep up. I'm terrible at recording all of her milestones. I've finally made some time to record some things below.

Lyla talks ALL the time! She repeats just about everything we say. When we put her in the car she says buckle. When someone sneezes she says bless you. She knows where her nose, eyes, ear, mouth, teeth, hands and feet are, but here favorite body part is her "beggy button." She loves her babies and takes them everywhere she goes. She is good at making them go night night and telling them "shh." Her "bookas" (books) are well loved. While we were at Big Cedar, Lyla's favorite thing to do was "wimming" (swimming). There is no fear in our little girl. Her brothers were the same way in the water. She is still not walking. She can stand for long periods of time and will take about 5-6 steps, but she still primarily crawls. Lyla loves to eat. Her favorite is fruit, especially blueberries (which she calls "balls") and strawberries. She still loves shoes, bracelets and bows. Before we leave the house she makes sure she has all of these things. Some mornings Lyla has a bow and shoes on before we even take her jammies off. Lyla loves her daddy. She asks for him first thing in the morning and knows where he works.

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Jennifer said...

what adorable pictures! She's growing up so quickly.

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