Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our 3rd graders

I am so proud of our sweet boys. They are in 3rd grade this year and are doing so well. They are in different classes again. In fact, the refuse to be put together in the same class. Caleb & Gavin love having more friends and I'm sure it's nice to be away from their twin brother too! This year both boys were chosen as representatives for the 3rd grade in Student Council. The first meeting was this week and they were super excited about it! I was never in Student Council, but their Daddy was. In fact, he remembers part of the speech he gave when he ran for treasurer (he thinks) his Senior year. He did a whole speech to the tune of The Humpty Dance. Yes, it was the early 90s and that was cool :-) The boys think it is hilarious and have now memorized the remembered part. "Now that I'm through, you can all cheer. Remember, vote for Scott. Peace I'm outta here!" Too funny!

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