Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This Halloween Caleb & Gavin were determined to be mimes. They do not really like talking to people, so they thought this was a good way to get out of saying "Trick or Treat" & "Thank you." They did end up talking, but it was a clever idea. Lyla just had to match their theme, so she was a clown. Scott and I were planning to dress up, but just ended up going as ourselves. It was not near as fun as last year. Remember THIS? We are already talking about what we will do next year. We will ALL be in costume again.


Jennifer said...

that was a brilliant idea! It's so funny how twins conspire together! And Lyla is the cutest little clown!

Jennifer said...

love lyla's costume...so cute! and i LOVE the costumes from last year! cant wait to see what ya'll come up with next year!

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