Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Little Stinker

So our little Lyla is a talker! She is constantly talking and I love hearing her sweet voice. For several months now I have been trying to get her to say "I love you." She will repeat EVERYTHING except for that! Until this week :-)

Our conversation today:
Lyla: Momma, I lubba Bubba (translated - Momma, I love Caleb & Gavin)
Me: I love bubbas too
Lyla: Momma, I lubba Daddy
Me: I love Daddy too. Say I love Momma
Lyla: God made the moon
Me: Yes God made the moon. Say I love Momma.
Lyla: Momma, stinky diaper trash
Me: Yes, you had a stinky diaper and we put it in the trash. Say I love Momma.
Lyla: Momma, basketball.
Me: Yes, I see the basketball. Can you say I love Momma
Lyla: I lubba Momma.

YAY Finally!!!!! Best words ever :-)

* My friend, Krystal, took this picture and I just LOVE it! Thank you Krystal!

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Jennifer said...

What a sweet picture! They never say what you want them to! Congrats on finally getting her to say it! Zoe called me "Daddy" forever... at first it was an honest confusion thinking we were both called "Daddy" but then she realized it bugged me that she wouldn't call me by my name and so she refused. She got to where she would smile when she said it and I think she was about 2 and a half before she ever conceded and called me Momma.

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