Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Bedroom AFTER photos

We have pretty much finished redoing our bedroom. Before Christmas I showed you a before picture. Here is the AFTER. I bought this bedspread & shams at Anthropologie forever ago. I found it on sale and just got it. Once I got it home I couldn't figure out what to do to make it look good. I had a sweet friend come over and she helped me bring out my WILD vision :-) The man who painted our bedroom questioned my choice in the turquoise color, but I tried to assure him it would be ok. I found the giant painting above the bed on sale at Kirklands and it just went perfectly. I love the final result!!! Now I'm on the hunt for a little chair or two to recover and sit by the window.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Great job. You can come do mine next. Our bedroom is the one room in our house we have not painted and redone since we moved in. The previous owners painted the entire room (walls, ceiling and inside of the closet) a mustard yellow. I hate it and always have, but figured it wasn't worth changing until we can rip up the carpet and put down wood or wood laminate ( the carpet is an awful bright blue). So, my room remains mustard yellow with bright blue carpet and I hate it! Our bed looks a lot like yours, though. It is a cherry sleigh bed, but the headboard and footboard are slatted instead of solid.

Leslie said...

LOVE!!! The curtains are my favorite!!!

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