Friday, February 18, 2011

A Perfect Day for the Park

Scott & I took the kids to the park today after school. I LOVE this weather! I think it was around 75 degress while we were there and it was perfect. The kids had so much fun just running around. It's so sad to say, but I think this was Lyla's 1st trip to the park. Last summer she still was not walking and when she finally started it was getting cooler.

Lyla loved swinging. We thought she may just fall asleep towards the end. She never had a nap today and who wouldn't love to fall asleep while someone swings you?

My sweet shaggy boys. Man, do they need haircuts!

Check out how much these boys love their sister. They loved helping her slide and sliding with her. I wonder if they will always feel this way about her.


Jennifer said...

Man I am jealous of that weather!! Noah's hair is pretty shaggy too. It keeps hanging in his eyes and it is driving me nuts, but he has finally reached an age where he has an opinion about his hair. And he likes it long and doesn't want me to cut it!

Leslie said...

Lyla is just beautiful!! I love her smile in that first picture, especially!!! Glad y'all had fun at the park!!!

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