Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lyla's Big Girl Bed

I purposely left Lyla in her crib because she sleeps great in it and I did not want a baby who was not sleeping through the night AND Lyla who was able to get out of her bed. Caleb & Gavin never tried to get out of their baby beds. We finally moved them out when they were 3. I just assumed Lyla would be the same. Sadly, I was wrong. One day when I put her down for a nap her door immediately opened. I wasn't sure what happened. The next night at around 2am we heard Lyla screaming "Momma, I want out." We then heard a thud. Great! Scott made her crib into a big girl bed and decided she still needed her bumpers. :)

This was her first morning waking up in her new bed. She actually does great in the mornings. She sits in her bed and waits for us to come in & then she slides out.

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