Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Elf

Our elf, Criddle has been so much more fun this year. He has been surprising our kids by doing silly things around our house.

We first found him in our fridge. He had turned our milk green! Lyla especially loved drinking green milk that day.

We caught him fishing out goldfish crackers using Lyla's tiny petshop fishing pole.

Criddle got a little cold.

He must love Legos like Caleb & Gavin. He took these from their Lego advent calendar.

Criddle found everyone's underwear & diapers & hung them on the stocking holders.

We were left a message in post it notes one morning.

It has been lots of fun this year & again a great reason to get those sleepy kids up in the mornings! ;)

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Krystal said...

How fun! Do you know I have friends who call me Criddle? It's a long story, but when we read the book and saw Criddle as a name suggestion we all got a laugh! Merry Christmas! I love the undies and diapers hanging on the mantel so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

How cute! I totally used the "sick elf" idea! I have had so much fun with our elf, but I am ready for Christmas Eve to get here so he can go back to the North Pole and I don't have to remember to move him anymore! ha!

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