Friday, April 6, 2012

Azalea Trails

Lyla & I went with Christie & Paisley to the Azalea Trails this year. It's really sad that this is my very first time and we have lived here for almost 14 years! Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition.

There are these high school girls, called Azalea Belles that stand in the beautiful yards in these fun vintage dresses. Lyla loved seeing them and would call them the "purple princess" or the "blue princess." She realized they all had parasols and fans and thought she must hold something in each photo.

She loved watering the pretty flowers.

Posing for pictures is not what she wanted to do. It's a good thing she is cute even when she doesn't smile. She prefers her sunglasses upside down. New trend maybe? :)

"Momma, look at this pretty leaf!"

Christie's dad let us take one of his cars. We all loved riding with the top down. So fun and such a gorgeous day for it!

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