Saturday, June 30, 2012

Awanas Grand Prix

Caleb & Gavin participated in Awanas at our church this year & they loved it. They actually enjoyed it so much that they once chose to skip out on a Mavericks game to go to Awanas. That makes me so happy! Anyway, at the end of the year they held a Grand Prix. This was our first one & Scott is not good at building things or putting things together. It is usually my area. I decided to sit this one out and let the guys figure it out.
They bought cars at Hobby Lobby and put them together the night before the race. I didn't say anything... Well, they were not put together correctly & Gavin's did not even make it down the ramp all the way. It was kinda sad.
To Gavin it was extremely sad. There were a few tears and he called it "public humiliation." I totally understood. I felt the same way and I was not racing a car. It's tough being so competitive!
Both boys had fun and learned something. They have big plans for next year. I'm just hoping Scott and I can figure out how to keep them from being humiliated again :-)

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Anonymous said...

I also have two boys. We have participated with AWANAS for several years, but this was our first time with "grand Prix". Their cars made it down the ramp with the quickness of a sleepy turtle. May next year lead to stronger relationships with the Lord and faster cars :)

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