Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playing Outside with Lyla

Lyla & I played outside one night while the boys were away
We had fun with chalk and made Lyla into a princess, a butterfly,
and pizza, of course!
This girl LOVES TO DANCE!!! I love that about her. She will hear a song and nothing can stop her from getting up to twirl. She has a princess song CD and she will dance during the entire album. If you happen to come into the living room, you will be made to dance too.
On this particular night there was no music, she just felt the need to twirl around and dance!


meawhitbrown said...

Love this!! Last weekend we danced while we watched Beauty and the Beast. She was Belle, of course, and I was the Beast. :) Haddie danced with us, too! I was also impressed by the fact that Lyla knows all the words to all the songs in the movie!! She was singin her heart out, and it was so cute!

Jennifer said...

She's so cute! I wish Zoe would wear tutus and bows.. they look so adorable on Lyla!

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