Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Beach Trip

We just returned from a fabulous trip to Gulf Shores, AL. It was so nice to be lazy with the family! We pretty much just played on the beach, swam in the pools, and watched movies. We did get out occasionally to do a little shopping and eating.
Lyla LOVED the sand and water! She enjoyed building sandcastles and jumping over the waves. Towards the end of the trip she was ready to go back to our house so that she could put on a princess dress. We have now been home 3 days and she has worn nothing but princess dresses.
Caleb enjoyed swimming in the ocean, but anytime he had the opportunity to go to the pool he would. He probably enjoyed lying around the beach house watching movies and eating popcorn just as much as he liked being at the beach.
Gavin could have stayed on the beach all day. He loved getting out as far as we would let him go in the ocean. He scared me several times. He also loved building sandcastles and digging holes.
Haddie did really well for her first trip to the beach. She did not enjoy her sunglasses or sunhat so being outside was a challenge with her. Scott & I took turns taking her in for naps. Boy, did she sleep well there! We usually had to wake her up. She started standing on her own this week. She will be walking soon!
We made some wonderful memories and had a great time just being together!


meawhitbrown said...

I LOVE the picture of Haddie! So sweet! It looks like everyone had fun! :)

Marlager said...

I love Golf Shores! I'm glad your beautiful family had a great time!

Audrey said...

Caroline just got her hair cut short and I took YOUR picture to show the hairdresser how she wanted it. I think she left it a little too long... so I'm going through your blog printing pictures of you with the shortest hair :)Thanks for the inspiration :)

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